by Christine Kelly


    ?  I broke

a million pieces scattered to the wind

a billion pieces trapped in the plunging rain

a million billion pieces fallen amongst the brown earth of coming winter

pieces no longer able to feel as one

I do not feel

I shall not feel again


     ?     I search

a million pieces hidden from view

a billion pieces once held tight in my possession

a million billion pieces bound, shielding the fragility of life

pieces now changed unable to connect as whole yet again

I am not whole

I shall not be whole again


       ?   I let go

a million pieces never mine to own

a billion pieces free from my obsession

a million billion pieces that came before me and will continue long after

pieces forever in the completeness of all that is

I am complete

I shall not be incomplete again


     ?    I float

a million pieces surround me in this exact moment

a billions pieces in peace with the silence of thought

a million billion pieces reverberating in perfect harmony-just being

pieces held fast by life’s unconditional love

I am with love

I shall not be without love again


Christine Kelly is the founder of the Midwest Regional Collaborative for Sustainability, a 220 member community of practice dedicated to creating transformative spaces to discover and experience new ways of learning and collaboration that can bring forth a sustainable future for all.  She is also freelance educational designer working with organizations to better incorporate and teach best practices in sustainable living and ecological design.

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