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The New Confluence Project

The New Confluence Project and the Critical Questions

 “Can we change the ways we live and work so as to establish a preserving harmony between the made and the given worlds?”

Wendell Berry

Among the critical questions facing us in the twenty-first century is: How can we discover (and/or preserve) ways to live that are both economically just and ecologically healthy?  How can we establish a preserving harmony between the made and the given worlds?

An industrial/technological economy has come to dominate most of the world.  It is obsessed with growth and it recognizes no limits. It degrades the earth’s atmosphere and biosphere, its watersheds and landscapes, while at the same time it damages both human communities and our understanding of ourselves and our place in the natural world.

How can we make the transition from societies organized on the unending consumption of gadgets, services, and therapies to ways of living in which vernacular cultures subsist in harmony with their local landscapes?  Instead of organizing social life around production and consumption, can we find ways to emphasize celebration, friendship, conviviality, and culture?

Bringing thinkers and cultural workers from various perspectives and traditions together to consider these questions and search for answers is the focus of The New Confluence Project.


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